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Happy Sun Flower

By Clare Watson

Travelling friend

By Joe Blogs

Staying in touch with friends and family has never been easier.

Enjoy richer, more enduring relationships

Send more cards
Never miss the post
Save money on stamps
Spend less time queuing
Never miss a birthday
Become a better friend

Whatever you need to say, 2050cards helps you say it

As a member of 2050cards, you have access to over 150 animated artworks, lovingly handmade by a group of 30 independent artists.

When not creating 2050cards, our artists work on commissions for some of the most prestigious galleries in the world

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in touch

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Quality eCards for every occasion

The artists who make our cards work with plasticine, paper cut outs, paint, puppets, & tablets, to create original works of art that can be customised with a heartfelt message. We put care and attention into each and every card we commission, so that we are consistently delivering quality.


The more 2050cards you send, the more value you get

All the cards you send are automatically saved onto the 2050cards app, so that over time it becomes a place where you can find some of the most important messages of your life, be it on an anniversary, a big birthday, or a special day.

We set out to help you to stay in touch with friends and family, wherever you are in the world, and it’s working!

Andrew Goodman
I couldn't recommend 2050 more. The green environment way to send cards. They are all animated too. A perfect selection with some wonderful artists. New ones added all the time. Ready to send in less than 5 minutes.

I couldn't recommend 2050 more. The green environment way to send cards. They are all animated too. A perfect selection with some wonderful artists. New ones added all the time. Ready to send in less than 5 minutes.

15 Nov
Bharti C
Tutti Frutti Fun!

It was fun looking at all of the different types of cards. I loved the card I chose by Jordan Patel. It was exactly what I wanted.It’s a great way to spend time and laughing.Fab website and I will be recommending it.

11 Jul
Lucy Heslop
Absolutely brilliant

At first I didn’t receive the card, but I contacted customer services and they really couldn’t have been more helpful and apologetic. They resent my cards, which were absolutely fab. I’d ordered thank you cards following my wedding. It was so easy and everyone who received them thought they were amazing! I would highly recommend 2050 cards

14 Apr
Suzanne Jeffrey
Lovely card selection

Lovely card selection - something for everyone. Process was really simple and nicely personalised for the recipient. The instructions are really easy to follow. As recommended, I saved the card when it was sent to me, and I then Whatsapp-ed it. The card came from me, not a strange number, and I wasn't giving out someone else's data. Really smart way of doing it and a great card. Very happy.

13 Jun
Odiri Obiakpani
Easy to use and recipients love them

I find it very easy to use, efficient and moreover environmentally friendly. More importantly, the people who have received them have loved it!

2 Mar
Alice Rutherford-Jones
The best service

The best service, so easy to use and so many amazing cards on offer. The only way I send my cards for all occasions! Love it!!

11 Oct
A j
This e-card service is amazing

This e-card service is amazing! Lots of different options to choose from and can add a cute personalised message making it extra special!It's a lovely experience! Once card is chosen, it's sent via WhatsApp within 5 minsI chose a card for my nephew turning two and he loved the animations!Defo recommend!

29 Aug
Tessa Clarke
An easy and fun method to send cards

An easy and fun method to send cards. Very original choice of cards for all occasions.Like the music / noises included in design.Envelope opening great start to an experience for the receiver.Like can send through various platforms ie WhatsApp, email or messenger etc.

21 May
Jill Sutcliffe
Excellent product

Excellent product. Easy to navigate, event reminders, environmentally friendly, great value for money if you use it regularly, whats not to like. My only area for improvement would be to have the ability to send one card to multiple people, however that would then take away the personal aspect of the product.

31 Mar
Nikki Clatworthy
Love being able to send this different…

Love being able to send this different concept to family and friends/ always quick and good variety/ good especially if u have forgotten someone’s birthday or occasion and it’s there in an instance

18 Sep


Are 2050cards a sustainable alternative to paper cards?

Yes, that’s right. 2050cards, which are can be sent via WhatsApp, Email, Messenger and TikTok, are a sustainable alternative to paper cards. There are no trees cut down to make a 2050card. Nor are planes or buses needed to transport them.


Here for you and here 
for your friends and family

Nobody should go without a card on their birthday, so we have created a birthday reminder tool that makes sure you never forget to reach out for those special moments. Whether you are looking to send a last minute birthday eCard, to wish someone good luck for an interview, or to say thank you for a present, we have a 2050card to fit the occasion.


Prices start at £3.99 a month for Monthly Unlimited or £24.99 a year for Annual Unlimited

There is a 7 day free trial and you can cancel your membership at any time
14-day money back guarantee

Get a full refund of your membership, if you are not satisfied with your experience within 14 days of finishing your free trial.

Ask us anything

How long does it take for my card to arrive?

Your card should be delivered to you via WhatsApp within 5 minutes of us receiving your order. On busy days it can take longer. If you've waited more than 20 minutes please contact our support team.

How do I send my 2050card via WhatsApp?

Once you have received your card via WhatsApp we recommend saving it to your phone. This way the card will not have the 'forwarded' label attached to it.Start a new message to the recipient and click the plus + or 📎 button. You can then select the card from your photo library or gallery and send it to the recipient.If you have any questions, send us a WhatsApp and we'll explain further.

Can 2050cards be sent to any country?

Yes, you can send a 2050card right across the globe, in seconds. This can be done via Email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, iMessage or whichever messaging platform you prefer.

How does 2050cards work?

Choose an eCard from our selection of more than 150 animated artworks. Personalise your card with a custom note. And then send it on any messaging platform, including WhatsApp, TikTok & Email.

More questions?  Find answers on our FAQs page